Why Layplan


What we bring

Layplan offers another look at the essential wardrobe, functioning in the space between bold and femme to bring the story of true inclusivity to a community who cares about conscious, carefully considered garments made in NZ.

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Why 'Layplan'?

A 'Layplan' is a textile term used to describe the most important part of the cutting process. It’s the act of laying patterns on fabric before cutting, to maximise usage and minimise waste. Designing this way has informed how Layplan has operated from the beginning. 


Behind the brand

We are Lavinia Ilolahia and Talia Soloa. Besties, business partners and brown girls on the journey of celebrating the nuance of the human form with garments that observe and celebrate loveliness and boldness. Talia lends an edgy, fun perspective to design and Nia is the tailoring queen. We like to think we’re a bit of a powerhouse together. 

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How we're going

We didn’t start creating with a ‘business’ in mind, and we think that’s the beauty of what we’re building. It’s been organic from the start. We’ve always designed for ourselves first and by doing that, we design for real women with real bodies, real lives, and real stories. We love sharing who we are and what we love with you. We won’t always get it right, but we are determined to try our best.


We care

We believe that good design can make us feel something. For us it’s so much more than how a garment falls on a mannequin or what it looks like on a model. We care about what we make because we know what beautiful clothes can do for the brightness you feel and the special sophistication you emulate. It’s more than just looking beautiful but feeling beautiful from the inside out.


We are you

We believe that when every person is walking in the fullness of who they were made to be, they flourish and inspire others to do the same. We hope that by putting our art into the world and taking our place in the industry as proud Pasifika women, we are putting a stake in the ground for many to come.

We wouldn’t be where we are without our Layplan community. You are the heart and soul of our company and the reason we do this. You’ve attended market and pop up stores, requested customs, bought one-off pieces, liked, and shared our content, entered competitions, and championed us as we’ve gone out on a limb with this thing.

When you invest in a Layplan piece, you share in our values. You say yes to locally made, conscious garments that will stand the test of time, you say yes to inclusivity, you say yes to a community that cares about moving with intention. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We hope you feel your truest self when you wear something by us.

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