Slow Fashion

Our Slow Fashion Process

Our heritage teaches us that slow is and should be a cultural norm. We come from people that naturally extend the life of everything, not just clothing. So we want to pay homage to our ancestors. That’s why we hope that you’ll pass your Layplan on to your sisters, your mamas, your friends, your cousins, your nieces and your daughters. 

We’re a small team with studios based in NZ. We care about our environment and the world our children will grow up in, which is why we are committed to doing better as an industry. We acknowledge that any change we want to see starts with us. Of course, we’re learning as we go, but we want to do business and fashion better than it’s widely done. So, we are one-minded in our approach to be conscious and considered on our journey towards our mission and purpose. 

That is why we are slow fashion. We’re intentional, contemplative, and local. We ensure that we only do small runs, have slower processes and focus on quality over trend with significantly less ‘collections’. Our pieces are made to last. 

We cap local manufacturing to 15-20 runs per piece using deadstock, as little waste as possible and one running collection at a time. Clothing is hand-made by Lavinia and Talia or people close to us. We use scrap pieces for our Odd One bi-monthly drops and we think about every part of a garment and if it sits within the realm of our values. Will it last? How many ways can I wear it? Can I see this being worn in years to come? We believe the best is to come in our industry, and we’re excited about the prospect of making meaningful change and encourage you to join us.



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