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Care & Longevity

As we know the world we live in doesn’t need another fashion label, that’s why us gals at Layplan believe in doing things a little differently. We believe in slowing down the industry one garment at a time. Layplan hopes to redefine the ‘essential wardrobe’ with carefully considered garments that we hope will last you through the seasons. 

Fabrics we use 

Deadstock - most of our garments are made with deadstock fabric. 

Deadstock fabric is fabric that is designed and made for labels around the world and discarded after the season ends. Instead of ending up in landfill we are able to purchase this fabric and give it another life. Deadstock fabric usually has limited meterage meaning that sometimes we are only able to make a few of one colour or print, making it extra special. 

Local stores 

As a small make-to-order label we often make trips to our local fabric stores, from our regular trips out south or into town to purchase fabric for the week we have been able to create friendships with our local fabric shops. 

We love to keep it local and believe it is important for us to support our New Zealand businesses as well as creating genuine relationships with those who supply us. 

Garment care 

All orders will be sent with swing tags informing you with the fabric content and washing instructions specific to your garment. It is important that you keep note of how to care for your garment as this will help it last longer. We want your Layplan piece to be with you for years to come so please take note of the care instructions on your garment before reading below. 

Washing your garment: 

While most fabrics are able to go through a gentle, cold machine wash - sometimes all they need is a small spot clean. Using cold or warm water (depending on severity) with a small amount of diluted washing powder/soap or detergent on a damp cloth gently dab the area. Rinse well with water afterwards and pop them out to dry to prevent another cycle of washing. 

Hand washing is another alternative and will help avoid the friction caused by washing machines that may cause wear and tear. Use a gentle washing detergent and cold water and gently wash the areas that need attention. Make sure to rinse until water is clear before hanging out to dry. 

Seasonless collections

At Layplan we choose to release one carefully designed base collection a year to avoid releasing new designs every other week. We are committed to well designed timeless pieces to carry us from Summer through to Winter. As creatives we often crave change, this will come in the form of ‘colour collections’. The base collection will remain the same however the fabrics and colour palette will change. Our effort to slow down the seasons and avoid ‘trends’. 

Slowing it down 

We believe in slowing down the industry one garment at a time. Layplan hopes to redefine the ‘essential wardrobe’ with carefully considered garments that we hope will last you through the seasons. We encourage you to carefully consider your purchase with us. Layplan is a make - to - order label meaning that every garment is made only after there is a home for it. We hope that by investing in one of these pieces you will continue to wear it throughout the seasons for years to come. 

These investment pieces we hope will be passed around the sisterhood or passed down to your little sisters, cousins or friends, one of our favourite memories we’d love to be a part of. 

Repairs service 

We want your Layplan pieces to be with you for the long run but we understand that sometimes accidents happen. Before you let it go for good, consider having it repaired. We’re talking minor tears, loose seams, zipper malfunctions, missing buttons and all small wear and tears. 

We will do our best to repair your garment if the fault is construction related or caused by general wear and tear. 

All repair requests must be made via email at 

Repair service is only available for Layplan items only and does not include jumpers r T-shirts. Repair service does not include large rips, stains, alterations or shrinkage. All repair requests will be assessed by our team and either confirmed or declined based on our own appraisal. 

All repairs must be clean. 

All repairs will be sent by the customer at their own expense. 

Repairs can take up to 14 working days.


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